Our winemaker, Thomas Brown, says of our 2014 vintage "2014 marked the third vintage in a row of above average growing seasons. Temperatures were even-keeled throughout most of the summer and there was no inclement weather to force our pick decision in October, thereby allowing the fruit to reach optimal color and flavor maturity. We harvested 3 tons of fruit that consisted of dense clusters of small berries all of clone 169, and brought the fruit in to the winery in the early hours of the morning. What we’re finding out about the 2014 wines now that they’re in bottle is their remarkable approachability early on in their evolution. In particular, with hillside Cabernet Sauvignon the tannin profile can tend to be a little blocky at first. In contrast, this wine possesses a very sleek, round, mouth feel that is layered with deep red fruit notes of cassis, plum, and blackberry. Complimentary spice notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and tobacco leaf remind us how hillside fruit is abundant with complexity and flavor nuance. There is ample structure to this wine and that will allow it to age well for 6-8 years in your cellar. While this wine is very enjoyable now, it will be even softer and more plush with some age."

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